First readers’ reviews of my book “I Am Becoming a Woman”

While I am making the final changes to the look and feel of my personal site, you can in the meantime read some reviews of my virtual friends all over the world about my book.

Carlos, 36, New York, USA

You have a voice. It’s poetic, ambitious and eloquent.
I feel that you introduce events and immediately add many layers of commentary on everything instead of letting these moments flow more freely. I don’t think your reasoning is random but rather very self aware, like you constantly analyze yourself.
It’s an intense stream of consciousness retrospect ive.
I feel that hat you have created a hyper-literary account of your life, it’s a tour de force narrative.

James, 44, LA, USA

I like the detail in your story. It has a very historical feel to it in and time and place that doesn’t exist anymore.
The way she views the exploration of her sexuality is really interesting.
I like it too because it isn’t ‘cynical’ but more just speaking about what happened and how you felt and your observations. There was there some romantic observations and also some more cinical like observations.

Joni 30, Tampere, Finland

It seems very intellectual and very freshly written. Like a breath of fresh air.
The writing is very thoughtful, it has new ideas and interesting observations.
You use words delicately and deliciously. This is very beautiful text, with rare, delicate words.
This work reminded me of the woman’s need for accepting men and accepting themselves, as well as the fight against acceptance of men and the fight against the acceptance of themselves, which is a common theme in the lives of many women. Is woman a puzzle or someone who wants to be understood? Or both.
Women can be “The Others” for men as well. The great unknown in some way. They can be inexplicable creatures with broader perceptions, in some cases.

Warren, 34, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I liked reading, you are a deep minded and fascinating person. Your childhood was different to mine, but so interesting. From reading your pages, I discovered about life in Russia, and also more about sexuality. I enjoyed it.
There was humor and the style was good.
I enjoyed your style of writing. I think that longer and more descriptive sentences are better to aid the reader’s understanding.

tichh, 59, Derby, UK

I admire you for the way you write
you have an amazing talent
I have never read such good work as you write

you are turning me into a reader 🙂
you are amazing writer

all are perfect in my eyes – the structure and content

Bill, 58, Wyoming, USA

You have created a “page turner” as we say. Just like when we read a novel that we can not put down.
It has some very excellent descriptions of your thoughts and the words make it even more enticing.
I am not shocked at all because it is deliciously honest.

Hocem, 31, Kasserine, Tunisia

I enjoyed reading. I read some intriguing passages, I was curious to read some “glimpses about the author”. Author “s life experience about emotional relationships is very diverse.
The author mixes many little details to have more writing space and to interpret them in more independant way. I admire her craving to explain her opinion in a deep sincere way.

Bejn, 32 Belgrade, Serbia

You have a decent writing style.
Details about childhood are nice actually, Stories from “Soviet” childhoods are always interesting to me.
As for the story reviews, I like that it describes life just as it is, not romanticizing it.

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