As they say, hello to everyone!

So, today I’m starting my blog in English for my future English-speaking readers …
Oh, I really can’t help imagining now I’m pronouncing these very words into the microphone, like a radio host on the air of some kind of radio program – well, actually what I’m going to do in my blog is the kind of text podcast.
Of course, readers are always eager to learn more about the author of the book they interested them … True, one of my favorite authors, the Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk, in his essay collection “Other colors” said he did not trust the work of the living authors too much, since he was more comfortable feeling like a fan of the long-dead classics of world literature whose work has already been tested by time, and besides he need not to envy their literary success.:) ….
In general, I am going to talk a lot about literature. This is quite logical – I am fond of reading  books, and besides I am fond of listening to audio books – for example, I do this during my evening walks in the vicinity of my house in Moscow. And, moreover, I like to re-read books  I have already read – I would say  some books have taken some firm place in my soul.
As for my literary preferences, usually it’s either intellectual detectives or prose in an elegant style. How can this be? The fact is that I am not indifferent to both the exquisite literary style with the analysis of the smallest sensations, and, at the same time,  to the gripping plot too – oh, I really like to empathize with the hero who “is skating on the knife’s edge” – as our Russian classic writer,  “sun of Russian poetry” Alexander Pushkin said, I like to anticipate that now I’ll “shed my tears over the fiction”…  By the way, in my head  a huge number of quotes lives, mainly from Russian and Soviet literature and from Russian rock poetry – perhaps someone of you will even feel it while reading the text of my book “I Am Becoming a Woman” which will be released on Amazon on August 14, but which is already available now on pre-order at a special price $2.99 USD.

No, you may not be afraid  there is some  overabundance of quotes in my text. I think that the author needs to be carefull enough with citation . For example, I did not even dare to read Ulysses by Joyce with an overabundance of allusions, which are, most likely, are little known namely for me . And while reading “Don’t Point That Thing At Me” by Kyril Bonfiglioli, I had the thought that without literary quotes and without diligent descriptions of culinary preferences of protagonist, there will be almost nothing left in the text of the novel.
Well, as for Pushkin – our Russian children absorb Pushkin’s poems literally with their mother’s milk. I’m not sure that one can translate Pushkin into English without losing anything at all. Even in one of my favorite books, The Goldfinch by Donna Tarrt, the difficulties of translating Pushkin are discussed – closer to the end of the novel, Theo tells Boris, whom he considers Russian:
“You know what I did in college? … I took Conversational Russian for a year. Totally because of you. I did really shitty in it, actually. Never got good enough to read it, you know, to sit down with Eugene Onegin —you have to read it in Russian, they say, it doesn’t come through in translation.
And Boris answers him:
“All that fucking school,” said Boris, plainly unimpressed. “If you want to speak Russian, come to Moscow with me. You will speak it in two months. ”

in short, I love action-adventure books, too.
In my next post, I just plan to dwell a little that it is quite possible to love both the high and low genres at the same time.

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