These quiet evenings of August

If they ask me what is associated in my mind with the date of August 19 – with this wonderful time, when, finally, it began to get dark earlier, but at the same time it is still warm enough outside, and in the evenings you can sit on a bench and listen to music, watching lantern-lit foliage – what do you think would be my responce?
You probably think that I will remember the August 1991 coup d’etat?
By the way, here’s what I write about this event in my story “Serious Relations” – the second part of the series “The Unbearable Longing of the Flesh”:
“It was from the loudspeaker on the street in Crimean Alupka that we learned about the August 1991 coup d’etat in Moscow. And after that I appreciated the pun “Don’t count your coups before autumn” by analogy to “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched”.
But no, I will say in response that the most important thing is that a year ago, on August 19, I discovered communication on the Interpals website. As a result, I got a more voluminous look at our entire blue globe, as well as many emotions – both stimulating and destructive for me, but in any case it is much better than being in a state of deepest indifference.

Meanwhile the first part of my book cycle called “I Am Becoming a Woman” is already on sale:

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