Happy New Year!

The main thing in the new year celebration does not consist of something like digesting homemade food to the Kremlin chimes and listening to Putin’s TV speech, and is not in the subsequent looking at amateur performances on TV.

No, the celebration of the new year consists of precisely in this exhausting walking in a crowd, in the desire to discern a real treasure among the many ridiculous things, which you will then lovingly send to the shopping basket. This optional trinket is the quintessence of the new year… The main thing is not to forget, after the end of the New Year’s fever, to hide it somewhere far away, otherwise you will inadvertently shudder at its absurdity …
New Year’s utensils are stylized to resemble an old luxurious life, when a poor girl, shivering from the cold, admired the sparkling showcase with delight … Or, at worst, goods from the New Year’s stalls parody the reality of American films, where the ribbon of a gift box falls down under the song of Merry Christmas and under reasoning about the family character of the Christmas celebration, tender cheeks are filled with blush and the young charming woman waves her hands with delight….(Or maybe, as in the famous story of O. Henry, she is finding there in a gift box a comb for her newly cut hair.)

Rebecca Popova New Year post card
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